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We offer next level activities
based on Next Level Learning,
the 4th generation systems thinking,
for solving complex problems
and transitions to a better world.

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Why Next Level Learning

Systems thinking is an approach based on seeing the whole, a complex system consisting of many interacting parts. The past decades have shown that the many methodologies and tools based on systems thinking do not work sufficiently to solve the complex problems in this world. This has led to four insights into the important shortcomings. Next Level Learning has been developed based on these four insights and is therefore referred to as the 4th generation systems thinking on this website.

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How to achieve next level solutions
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To arrive at next level solutions for complex problems that involve many people, you can answer four questions about the problem with Next Level Learning. Next Level Learning is easy to achieve by doing a number of exercises with an animation tool. These are freely available to everyone.

Next level

Do you have a next level solution for a complex problem in this world and do you want to share this with others or show next level leadership in improving the world together with others than we offer you a couple of opportunities, such as the "Next level solutions café (online)", "Next level live café" and the "Next level Columbus project". It's about seeing the solutions in the field of sustainability issues, conflicts, the economy etc.

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Programmes for transition to a better world

The most important programmes we offer to achieve maximum insights into solving complex problems and related transitions are "Mastery in Transition" and "For Business Leaders Only". The latter is especially aimed at leadership and decision-making in order to achieve a transition to a better organisation, society or, in general terms, a better world.

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Vision 2100+

Due to many different perspectives on complex problems, the world is full of conflicts, oppositions, tensions, embargoes, disputes, disconnections, hostilities and even wars. Next Level Learning, the 4th generation systems thinking, makes everybody see everything from the perspective of the whole includes ourselves, in a dynamic way. We will all gain a shared perspective. We will see shared possibilities and solutions. This will make us collaborate, feel connected and in peace with each other. Imagine what an incredible change this will be compared to the current situation in this world and how much power, energy and time we will gain to create a better world for everyone.

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