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The Academy for Next Level Learning was founded by Nils Beetsma in 2021. The Academy offers various activities to overcome the complex problems of this world in a new way and to make the world a better place for all its inhabitants. In this process, it is important to create a new university that forms the basis for a transition to a better world as described in Vision 2100+.

We have made available for everyone the example of a very complex problem and the elaborated solution intended for the students of the Columbus project on This makes it possible for everyone to put this Columbus Open Learning Environment (COLE) in practice. There is no licence required, everything is free to use. Anyone who is going to use this COLE based on Next Level Learning supports the transition to a better world and that is the goal we are aiming for. Universities can use the COLE as a blueprint for the new university, the foundation for a transition to a better world in the 21st century. See

The Academy has a cooperation agreement with the Institute for Next Level Learning.

Nils Beetsma


Nils has completed a bachelor of philosophy at the University of Amsterdam in 2021. His specialization was all about the philosophical and scientific research into consciousness, language and cognition. In 2019 Nils came across Next Level Learning and began to see the world as an outsider through systems thinking. This completely changed the way he is looking at the topics above and made it possible for him to found the Academy for Next Level Learning at the age of 23. He continued studying from this new perspective, initially in the form of a master in philosophy with a study interest of systems thinking within the philosophy of science and transitions in science, education and philosophy, until August 2023.

Photo of Nils Beetsma (1998)

Illustrations on the rest of this website: Courtesy of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.

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