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Next level experience centre

You are very welcome in the Next Level Experience Centre if you have achieved Next Level Learning or are on your way to achieve it. In the Next Level Experience Centre you may start to see and experience more possibilities or phenomena that you cannot imagine beforehand. In the meeting we will look at all sorts of things together as an outsider. You can suggest topics or things you want to look at or look at what is suggested by others. You can also suggest how you want to look at something that has been suggested by yourself or by someone else. The way we look at things can be, for example, to choose a theoretical position for the outsider, and still be able to have a wondrous learning experience. We can also physically position ourselves as an outsider or allow ourselves to move and be moved from what we see as an outsider. The latter of course gives the greatest experience in what cannot be imagined in advance but can happen as if it were out of nowhere, such as inner freedom, peace, movement, happiness, meaning, free expression, brightness, liveliness, zest for life, energy, substantial relaxation, etc.





- Every meeting has a central theme or subject to look at.

- Anyone who is moved by a theme and has experience in looking at it as an outsider can organise an experience meeting, see the calendar.

- You can register below if you have participated in a next-level activity at least once and are in the process of achieving or have already achieved Next Level Learning as described on the page "how".​

- If you are registered you will be able to access the calendar page where you will see the scheduled experience meetings.

Register for the Next level experience centre

The Next level experience centre is currently available to the participants of the Columbus project through the Columbus Open Learning Environment on this website. To see when the Next level experience centre becomes generally available, check the news page. Read more about the Columbus project on Next level Columbus project.

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