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Exploration meetings

You have embarked on the Columbus project aiming to showcase that the complex problems of this world can be solved such as sustainability issues and global conflicts. You will work in a small group of students to solve a complex problem. Both the problems and the other students you will work with are free to choose. The Columbus Project is essentially an open learning environment where everyone is free to pursue their own learning path. To easily find other students within this Columbus project who have similar complex problems or interest you can make use of exploration meetings. In an exploration meeting you can tell each other which problem, area or topic you want to explore. In this way you can find  like-minded students and form a learning group in this Columbus project with the aim of discovering a solution to a complex problem of this world. These exploration meetings are thus the connection between everyone and all subjects in this open learning environment.


General exploration meetings are planned on regular intervals and different time zones. As the project will grow there will also be exploration meetings for general topics like sustainability and conflicts. You can also put your own exploration meeting on the agenda with your own subject, problem or the research area you want to explore. You can easily sign up through the agenda available in the Columbus Open Learning Environment: click an available time to see the topic of the meeting and follow the instructions in the agenda.

In the Columbus Open Learning Environment (see the login button) you can find other participants who live nearby, have the same interests and/or want to solve the same complex problems as you do. You can invite them to an exploration meeting or initiate an exploration meeting together with someone with who you want to be in a group.


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