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Exploration meetings calendar

Here you can sign up for upcoming exploration meetings or put your own exploration meeting in the calendar. When you put an exploration meeting in the calendar make sure to:

- Put "Exploration meeting" in the event title, optionally followed by something of your choice

Examples: Exploration meeting for solving sustainability problems, Exploration meeting for researching education, Exploration meeting for participants living in Amsterdam, etc.

- Deselect "All Day Event" and choose a date and time for your meeting

- Leave "Location" and the fields under "Venue" open 

- Give a short description of the subject, problem or research area you want to explore at "Description"

- Optionally: put your name and/or extra information about yourself under "Organizer"

- Put the link to your online meeting in the description

When you submit your exploration meeting it will be reviewed and added to the calendar. You have to host the meeting yourself using zoom or something comperable.

The calendar widget can take a few seconds to appear

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