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For Business Leaders Only

This three-day programme is for decision-makers in any business who want to implement changes to solve complex problems with Next Level Learning. This programme provides the basis for a new generation of CEOs, directors, governors, entrepreneurs, politicians, managers, project leaders and consultants who make decisions from the perspective of the greater whole and thus make a sustainable contribution to a transition to a better world.


Leadership from the greater whole

Leadership from (the perspective of) the greater whole is very different from what you have ever imagined leadership to be. All your old paradigms about leadership will have to give way to a new view from (the perspective of) the greater whole. In this programme you can discover this by seeing it for yourself. You will start to see that no single paradigm of any individual works in a transition. The moment you really see this, it will be instantly clear what leadership from the greater whole is. You can immediately put this into practice during this programme. There is a fair chance that you will fall back into your old paradigm for a while, but by repeatedly seeing your old paradigm, your leadership from the greater whole becomes firmer. It is important for this repetition to happen in succession and therefore this programme lasts three consecutive days.


Practical info

- the programme consist of three consecutive days

- before the start of the programme every participant will have an orientation meeting with a facilitator 
- the location will be in the centre of the Netherlands, near Utrecht or Amsterdam
- there will always be two or more facilitators present during the meeting
- the minimum number of participants is 8 and the maximum 30


To see when this programme becomes generally available, check the news page.

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