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Next level inspiration café (online)

When we are moved or inspired in life, we often experience its "simplicity" accompanied by energy, clarity, creativity, freedom, etc. If we look around us or at ourselves, we see that this is often not long lasting. No matter how moved we were in the beginning, after a while we can lose it completely. And I am not talking about success, because we can be successful, but we have lost our real compassion, the energy, the freedom, the creativity, expression, etc. The more we lose our compassion in life, the harder it is to get back to it, and if we experience it for a while, we often lose it again very quickly. What happens then is that you no longer move from what you see as an outsider. If you start moving again as an outsider to see more, as described on the page "how", then automatically the energy, clarity etc. comes back and you can keep moving this way. Thus begins a life in which you feel truly inspired and moved.


We often love to talk about subjects that move us. These are the subjects that move us to look at them in many different ways. By experiencing our inspiration for a subject, we keep moving and do not get stuck when we continue to observe as an outsider with Next Level Learning. By talking about your own inspiration in this café, you can often feel your own movement more clearly and it becomes clearer what you want to do. And not only that, it is also a lot of fun because you feel your own energy again and that of others. It is as if you really come to live. You can move forward together from this shared energy with others you meet in this café with whom you click.


The movement you find in this café can also be used to solve a complex problem. Introduce yourself as a decisionmaker in question 2 from the page "how" and see how your movement could work towards the solution. You can do this even if your movement has nothing to do with the problem. You could use the example problem you get in the café for this. You could also talk about it with each other in the café. And because the example problem contains many of today's world problems, you'll also know how your movement fits into today's solutions to world problems.





- the group you come together with consists of two to eight people

- this café is online via zoom

- participation is completely free of charge

- after registering, you'll receive a confirmation with more info about the zoom meeting


The Next level inspiration café is currently available to the participants of the Columbus project through the Columbus Open Learning Environment on this website. To see when the Next level inspiration café becomes generally available, check the news page. Read more about the Columbus project on Next level Columbus project.


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