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Next level live café 

You can participate in a next level live café if you want to meet others and work together for a better world. You can, for example, bring your own solution to a problem into the world together with others and thereby initiate a transition. In doing so, you show leadership and become an example for others.



Step into the leadership café

When you register below, you will receive a password to access the page with the agenda for live café meetings and you will be able to participate in all of them. After registering, you can also schedule a next-level leadership café with someone else who is also registered. There will then always be at least two people in the café during the live café hour (which can of course always be extended suiting your own wishes). Of course, entry to the café is free but consumptions are at your own expense.



Next level Einstein café


In addition to these cafés, where you can get involved with others for a better world, we organise live cafés with a special topic. These Einstein cafés have a specific topic each time, especially for those who are moved or inspired by this topic and who may have seen a lot already. Why we call this an Einstein café: Albert Einstein arrived at his theory of relativity by observing as an outsider, probably inspired by his friend Ernst Mach who sought to base scientific research and education on observation (as an outsider) rather than thinking (interpreting). So the theory of relativity is also much easier to see as an outsider than to understand. Physicists among us will agree with this, some of whom have suddenly grasped the theory and then cannot explain it to others.



Practical info

- You can register below if you have participated in the next-level solutions café at least once and are in the process of achieving or have already achieved Next Level Learning as described on the page "how".

- If you are registered you will be able to access the calendar page where you will see the scheduled live cafes. You can walk into a live café without having to register for a café meeting in advance.

- If you are registered, you can initiate a live café hour together with another registered person, see the calendar page for instructions.

- You will be given access to the solution library on this website where you can post your own next level solutions and see those of others.

Register for the Next level live café

The Next level live café is currently available to the participants of the Columbus project through the Columbus Open Learning Environment on this website. To see when the Next level live café becomes generally available, check the news page. Read more about the Columbus project on Next level Columbus project.

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