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Next level

If you have a next level solution to a complex problem in this world and if you want to share it with others or show next level leadership in improving the world together with others, we offer you a number of opportunities, such as the "Next level solutions café (online)", "Next level live café" and the "Next level Columbus project". It is about seeing solutions in the field of sustainability issues, conflicts, economy etc. For those who do not only want to see solutions but also want to experience inspiration or being moved and see how this can contribute to solutions there is the "Next level inspiration café (online)".



Next level inspiration café (online)


When we are moved or inspired in life, we often experience its "simplicity", which is accompanied by energy, clarity, creativity, freedom etc. When we look around us or at ourselves, we see that this often does not last. By talking about your own inspiration in this café, you can often feel your own movement more clearly and it becomes clearer what you want to do.


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Next level solution café (online)


You can participate in an online solution café where you have an audience to share and discuss your solution with. In this café you can of course improve your solution or the solutions of others to way beyond the next level.


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Next level live café


You can participate in a next level live café if you want to meet others and work together for a better world. For example, you can bring your own solution to a problem into the world together with others and thereby initiate a transition. In doing so, you show leadership and become an example for others.


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Next level experience centre


In the Next Level Experience Centre you may start to see and experience more possibilities or phenomena that you cannot imagine beforehand. You can suggest topics or things you want to look at or look at what is suggested by others. You can also suggest how you want to look at something that has been suggested by yourself or by someone else.


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Next level Columbus project


We are all trying to solve the complex problems of this world such as sustainability issues and global conflicts. However, we do not seem to be able to get a grip on them all over the world. With Next Level Learning we have the possibility to solve all complex problems of this world with everyone on earth. This result is not only unimaginable but it is also unimaginable how to get there. This project is meant as a showcase; students from all over the world finding solutions to complex problems that seem unsolvable. The Columbus project is here not only to make the solutions visible, but also the way to get there and to give the whole a practical form. Do you want to show the world that you can solve our complex problems, enabling a transition to a better world?


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