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Mastery in transition

In order to achieve mastery in a transition that stems from old paradigms falling away, it is not only necessary to have an idea of where the transition is going, but above all to have an insight into the process that leads to a transition. That is why this program was developed.

Because of our past paradigm, we have developed strong preferences for solutions fitting into this paradigm. As a result, we have, as it were, become blind to solutions that do not fit our paradigm. In this programme you will not only learn to see your own strong preferences and your blindness, but also to neutralise them. In this way you will achieve mastery in transition. This means that for every solution or transition you will be able to see whether it will potentially work or not.

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For Business Leaders Only

This three-day programme is for decision-makers in any business who want to implement changes to solve complex problems with Next Level Learning. This programme provides the basis for a new generation of CEOs, directors, governors, entrepreneurs, politicians, managers, project leaders and consultants who make decisions from the perspective of the greater whole and thus make a sustainable contribution to a transition to a better world.

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