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Columbus on tour in June 2022

In June the academy will start a worldwide campaign to attract students for the Columbus project. The first step is that Nils Beetsma, founder of the academy, will inform students all over the world about the Columbus project by sending an email with information to universities and student associations around the world (see Depending on the selection of the Columbus project by the MECCE (see Nils will ask for letters of recommendation or support from organisations of the MECCE partnership such as UNESCO. The letters Nils will get will be attached to the email.


For relevant universities in reasonable proximity of Amsterdam Nils thinks about handing out flyers. Off course these will be zero-waste flyers or no physical flyers using QR codes or other new techniques. Currently on his list of places to visit are the University of Amsterdam, Wageningen University and Research, Maastricht University and outside the Netherlands the Ghent University (Belgium). Nils will also visit the Dutch political centre in The Hague. In most places Nils will probably be accompanied with his fellow students who joined to support the Columbus project. Of course Nils has to request permission to hand-out flyers on the premisses of the universities. Nils will wait with these requests till the selection of the MECCE is announced.


Universities can invite Nils to visit them for promotion of the Columbus project. This could be especially interesting for universities interested in a transition to Next Level Learning, see


If you are interested or have any questions you are welcome to discuss this further with Nils Beetsma, see for contact information the contact page.

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