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MECCE call for case-studies, proposal of the Columbus project

Below you can have a look at the information we submitted as a case study proposal to the MECCE* that aims at improvement of education on climate change. The MECCE is a partnership of over 80 leading scholars and agencies, including the IPCC, UNFCCC, and UNESCO working together globally. MECCE states that current education in the field of climate change is not yet improving which we can see in how this world is responding to climate change. To take a step forward they had issued a call for innovative proposals. They want to support the ten best proposals and use a case study to show and verify whether the proposal will have the desired impact in practice. The answers to the questions we had to submit for the proposal show how the Columbus project matches very well with the goal of MECCE.


For an updated version of the contents of the proposal you can read the 'blueprint for a new university, the foundation for a transition to a better world in the 21st century', see 

You can read about the outcome of the call and the reaction to our proposal on

* Read more about MECCE on their website, this is the most relevant page: 


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