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No one wants to be Columbus

The Columbus project is in essence a showcase for a better world but no one is interested to even start looking at this new world. The proposals we made for the MECCE, a global partnership of over 80 leading scholars and agencies including the IPCC, UNFCCC, and UNESCO, and the Ghent University for a seminar on environmental education research were neglected. Their reactions show that they haven’t had a look at the new world. You can read the reactions of the MECCE and the Ghent University on our proposals respectively on and And this is the critical point, we need to see the new world to understand what we are neglecting. We boldly demonstrate this with the example solution of a very complex problem that resembles the current Ukraine conflict and crisis in this world. You can see it yourself by clicking the button in the header of this website. It is all freely available.


The slogan for the worldwide campaign to attract students for the Columbus project has become “No one wants to be Columbus”. As you can read in the former news item about “Columbus on tour” Nils Beetsma, initiator of the Columbus project and student at the university of Amsterdam, will visit several universities and political hot spots to hand out flyers, you can have a look at the zero waste flyer here By scanning the QR code you get to the landing page

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