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Next level solutions café (online)

You can participate in an online solution café where you have an audience to share and discuss your solution with. In this café, you can of course improve your solution or the solutions of others to far beyond the next level.


Next level solutions


Four answers to the four questions on the page "How" together form a solution to a complex problem and by using Next Level Learning you can achieve next level solutions. Take a complex problem that is known to everyone and therefore can be viewed as an outsider, such as global sustainability issues and global conflicts. In addition to your specific problem-solution, you can also check your solution to the example problem because chances are you will be talking about it in the café.

The online café meeting

The group you meet in the online café consists of two to eight people. At the beginning of the café hour, there will be a facilitator, a kind of café owner, who will welcome you into the café and answer any questions you may have. These can be both practical questions about the café and substantive questions about the coffee, such as the solution to a example problem that you get when you sign up. The facilitator will be there for a maximum of 15 minutes. The café lasts a maximum of one hour and at the end, the facilitator comes by to close it.


Practical info

- The group you come together with consists of two to eight people

- If you sign up, you will receive the link to the example problem

- Participants of the "Next level Columbus project" can make use of the Columbus Open Learning Environment (COLE) for sharing their solutions

- Participation in the online café is free of charge

- After registration you will receive a confirmation with more information about the zoom meeting

The Next level solutions café is currently available to the participants of the Columbus project through the Columbus Open Learning Environment on this website. To see when the Next level solutions café becomes generally available, check the news page. Read more about the Columbus project on Next level Columbus project.

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