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Vision 2100+

There are many complex problems in our world we don't seem to get a grip on. Suppose that in the distant future all the complex problems of today are resolved and people live in peace and harmony together. What will they see looking back as a distant outsider to our time and our problems? Probably they will not understand why we had so many problems because they see enough natural resources available to support a comfortable life for everyone. They will see no real reason for all the conflicts and wars going on. As distant outsiders they would solve our problems therefore in a very different way than we do from our current perspective. It is like us going back hundred years ago. We see very different solutions to the problems of that time. We wouldn't have started the second world war. But how could we have seen this if we had lived at that time as Germans or how could Hitler himself have seen it himself? How could we have seen real solutions to the complex problems of that time or in other words, how can we look at our current problems as if we were a distant outsider. We can make use of 4th generation systems thinking called Next Level Learning.


Learning as a distant outsider, Next Level Learning


Next Level Learning makes us look at the world and at complex problems from the perspective of the whole. We therefore see better solutions for the whole than we would see from our own perspective. And even more importantly, everybody will be able to see everything from the perspective of the distant outsider. We will all gain a shared perspective. We will see shared possibilities and solutions. This will make us collaborate, feel connected and at peace with each other. Imagine what an incredible change this will be compared to the current situation in this world and how much power, energy, time we will gain that we can use to create a better world for everyone.

Transition to a better world for everyone


We can achieve Next Level Learning by doing a series of exercises using an animation tool. The tool and the exercises are available on for free and enable you to do the exercises by yourself. By exploring an area of common interest based on Next Level Learning together you will find even more possibilities and better solutions, far beyond what you could have imagined. People who learn together using Next Level Learning essentially form the university of the future in the literal sense of the word university: a community for learning together. A university which can lead to a shared vision of a new world and a roadmap to achieve this. Thus providing a perspective on a transition to a better world for everyone and shared by everyone.

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